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MACA MAX is a natural and HERBAL MAGIC because it contains the Bio Activated Energy (BAE) that no other herbal products. Maca Max quickly proved to have effects in the process of healing various diseases such as: Diabetes, Stroke; Difficult Get Descendants; Heart; Paralysis; tuberculosis; Kidney; Blood High / Low; Depression; Hepatitis, Hemorrhoids, Migraine; Weak Immunity; irregular menstruation; Sexual Dysfunction; Osteoporosi; Uric Acid and others.

Father of BAE MACA MAX (Dr.Brain Walker)

1979 - Bachler of Medicien / Bachler of Royal Surgery.

1994 - Member Royal college of General practtitioner.

1995 - Vocational training scheme including Child Haelth Suriellance and  Dimloma of the Faculty of Family planning.

+ He had earlier spend many years Researching and Teaching in University across Germany / Russia and Hongkong. 

+ He has Established a private Health care centre to provide Health consultation,which include Allergology and Immunology anti - ageing and anti Cancer Services.

+ He also especializes in the research of Herbal and Natural mediciene and BAE Macca Max is outcome of his many years of research.

                                  "This is a Miracle!" - Professor Fernando Cabieses"

 What is BAE ?

Bio Activated Energy (BAE), is a natural and pure energy obtained directly from the sun. Using a process of modern technology, then processed, stabilized and stored along with a combination of natural minerals used in the product before BAE.Merupakan a breakthrough in science that is very promising various changes or advances in the field of cosmetics, health foods, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness and courage and ability in matters of sexuality are optimal for men or women.

More than 20 years ago, a team of Korean scientists discovered a unique technique to reduce kendungan harmful rays from the sun and with a process managed to save the energy that has been parsed, the energy is known as Bio-Activated Energy (BAE). In the years that followed, carried out intensive studies to apply this energy into a form of product that is able to show the ability of BAE. And through a variety of detailed evidence, BAE showed remarkable results in a wide range of uses. The essence is that sometimes the results obtained from such an amazing and unexpected, so scientists are racing each other to explain the function of proficiency level in these BAE.

And the mystery of the functions of the Registrar begins to unfold when Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a prominent physicist who discovered the power and functions actually from BAE. Through the creation of a special tool Dr. Korotkov the camera GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) that physicists discovered that SAA actually changing the structure of an object in the level of electromagnetic bio. Changes in the structure can be measured and recorded repeatedly using computer technology, optics, and electronics together with the GDV camera.

How BAE functioning / working?

BAE worked with a variety of different processes, but its strength lies in the radius of the wave is produced. BAE works very well on the liquid with a break down various substances like water and oil molecules into smaller atoms. This gives it an advantage in our body's ability to absorb and make organs work more efficiently. BAE generated wave is able to reduce electromagnetic radiation from the devices we use everyday like mobile phones, television and computer monitors.

BAE Product

BAE (Bio Activated Energy) has a specific character that is useful to reduce the harmful radiation and influence the form of a substance. BAE products are also known to be active can improve the health of their users and reduce stress levels, as seen in the measurement GDV

When water & oil injected BAE energy, the molecule will "split" into smaller molecules. The size of the smaller water molecules would be easily absorbed by the body's cells so the body's cells more optimal performance and age is longer (up to 120 days).

How to BAE Working On Human Body

BAE to work on different levels. One is at the physical level where the force field energy is actually changing the physical properties of the objects of life. Another way that gives the change is beneficial to the human body through the transformation of biological energy fields on the human body, which is generally known as an aura.

When confronted with the Registrar of water, the water molecules split into hydrogen and oxygen atoms group of smaller (H2O). H2O size smaller groups can easily penetrate membranes, and the atoms that follow are useful for oxygen ion activity in cells.

Similarly, oil and medicine when confronted with BAE cream, increases the absorption of these substances so that the treatment elements can penetrate deeper for a better healing effect.

Measuring the Effects of BAE

As Professor Edward Krizhanovsky and BAE Russian scientists find products they are interested in and continue their research on the phenomenon of BAE.

Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV):

An instrument that measures the energy field from all over the object alive.

Measure the energy field based on the Chakra or acupuncture points.

Interpret energy fields originating from different zones on the human body.

Used in the treatment, scientific and academic institutions worldwide.

In the course of their investigations, scientists found that the use of BAE to a single subject can generate increased energy fields on the subject, which is suitable for improvement in certain aspects of the subject. They found the product BAE-sfat actually has properties that can add sound wave energy while inhibiting unhealthy waves originating from the human body.

Basis Of The Human Body Energy Field

According to the teachings / practice of Chakra, there is a central and a good flow of spiritual and emotional energy from the human Tubu. The flow of this energy to maintain health in humans. Just with Acupuncture, different points in the flow of energy connected to different functions in the body.

Flow or energy field, actually demonstrates himself as a kind of radiant electromagnetic or energy field that covers the entire body's biological. The existence of some kind of light or glow body has been recognized by many religions and different traditions around the world. Many ancient paintings depict sacred figures and patriots with a circle of light flashes on top of their heads.

In a more modern interpretation, has been recognized that envelops the body's energy fields of living beings. Field is called the "Aura" and has been accepted by modern science as a biological field. According to research, the different organs in the human body out of different energy fields. If combined, the overall field creates an aura of a human.

By using the research for a thousand years of Chakra and Acupuncture as a base, Russian scientists succeeded in combining the GDV technique with ancient methods. Results are found to be extremely successful. Perfect merging of ancient and modern medical techniques, tools GDV can easily diagnose all bodily functions based solely on an analysis of the human aura.

Operators who have been trained properly can observe the abnormalities of the subject (or the beginning of the disorder) by just looking at the aura of the subject. Even the level of stress on a single subject can be easily measured.

BAE In Stock From The Human Body

The Human Body Energy Field enhanced with the use of BAE. According to Prof. Edward Krizhanovsky, each of the cells and organs in living things has its own characteristic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the aura of living things. When the aura is being interrupted by outside influences in the form of waves that are not healthy, and when the waves are not eliminated by the body living through self-healing, diseases or disorders will occur. These events are evidence of the imbalance aura of living things.

If these sound waves are not eliminated, then the body's cells will be able to organize itself to meet the dynamic balance, which previously was not possible since the effect of blocking by a wave of those who are not healthy. Thus health can be maintained in living organisms.
In other words, when stress or disease began attacking the human body, the body is interrupted by electromagnetic wave from outside the tidaks ehat (containing the disease). Only when the waves are removed or destroyed, the body can begin the healing process itself.

BAE products have been created to hold and neutralize the waves that are unhealthy, so that self-healing process can begin. The scientists found that the energy fields within BAE products eliminate the negative waves that are not healthy and strengthens the positive waves that build healthy aura in living organisms.
The same principle has been applied to eliminate the harmful radiation from mobile phones and television sets. Wave danger to humans is removed or neutralized by a strong energy field from BAE products.

BAE seven characteristics are:

1. Balancing the body's acidity.

2. Reduce stress and anxiety level factors.

3. Balancing emotional feelings.

4. Creating a more active oxygen.

5. Antimikrobakteria effects.

6. Strengthen body immunity.

7. Energy healing.

With the above characteristics, we can feel the benefits from use of the Registrar are as follows:

Keeping the cells alive longer.

Neutralize air pollution and reduce water pollution.

Improving the quality of health.

Replying to the effects of various electromagnetic radiation hazards.

Potential to destroy and inhibit cancer cell (clinically tested).

Reduce and alleviate pain in the human body.

Adding plant growth and improve soil quality.

Maca Max is the right choice as Optimal Solutions for Optimal Health. Therefore, for you or family members, neighbors, coworkers, even your best friend is experiencing health problems, disease or disorder, whether heavy or light, old or new, and has been examined by various ways and spend a very large but not yet visited to recover , even more suffering, Please try Macamax, Inshallah can help heal your health complaints and Family with Fast, Secure and Halal.




BAE MACA MAX  is a natural nutrition, and safe to use as supplements that help in improving hormonal problems. BAE MACA MAX is rich in nutrients that are useful for body health.

Material contained in BAE MACA MAX

- Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon (MACA)

- Tribulus Terresteris.

- Fiber fruit.

- Spirulina.

- Extract the spinach.

- Extracts of celery.

- Extracts of green tea.

- Grape seed extract.

- Minerals, vitamins, etc..

MACA MAX (Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon)

* Maca root is a kind of tuber that grows at an altitude of 14,000 ft above sea level in the Andes, Peru

* MACA is a power plant with a very high resistance, can live in extreme conditions where cold weather, high winds and thin air

* MACA planting does not require chemical or organic fertilizers, insecticides are also not required because there are no bugs that can live at an altitude of 14,000 ft above sea level

* MACA has been used since thousands and then by the indigenous Inca in the Andes region, Peru

* MACA has also been produced in countries USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. Most are sold as health supplements in the form of capsules with a heavy 500mg/kapsul.

* It is recommended by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) as a health food that is safe and also selected as the main food of NASA astronauts, mountaineers unity and the 8000 Peru World Cup Team Japan / Korea 2002.

Nutrition values contained in the MACA: 59% carbs. Protein 14%. 9% Fiber, Lipids 2%. Lipids 2%. Mineral. Vitamin and others 16%.

* Carbohydrates: It is a source of energy for muscle cells and prevent fatigue otat. Contained in the semen to give power to the sperm. Increasing levels of activity of sperm.

* Protein: Prevent infertility in both men and women.

* Fiber: Clearing the digestive tract, improve nutrient absorption.

* Lipids: Preventing frigidity and sexual problems associated with hormone imbalance. Fatty acid synthesis is also necessary for hormone.

* Minerals: Needed for energy production and bone formation.

* Vitamins: Needed for producing energy, hormones and improve the function of Cardiovascular.

* Alkaloids: Stimulates reproductive systems Male and Female. Regulatory system to stimulate calcium and phosphorus, strengthen bones.

* MACA Steroids: Improving Women's fertility and improve menopausal problems.

Tribulus Terestris

* It is a plant that grows in China, India, Eastern Europe, Africa and other places.

* Since 5000 years ago, people already know the function to help with impotence.

* In the 1980s on the orders of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute Sofia has found a formula that can increase stamina and sexual performance by using the tribulus terestris. This research has given to the team's success in the Bulgarian weightlifting match at Olympic Games.

* We extract tribulus terestris products become very popular in Europe and USA market and received rave reviews from the athletes.


* Increasing the pituitary gland and harmonize the body hormones

* Prevent prostate problems, improve the quality of sperm

* Reduce menstrual irregularities, leuchorrhea, dysmenorrhoe

* Improve sexual function, increase the fertility of men and women

* Preventing menopause and bone loss

* Smooth blood circulation, improves brain function

* Increase insulin gland, balancing blood sugar levels

* Reducing the level of acid in the body

* Reduce stress levels in the body

* Improving the quality of sleep, cardiovascular circulation and liver function

* PH balance in the body

* Increase oxygen in the body

* Remove toxins from the body

* Prevent heart disease

* Improve and enhance the function of vision

* Helping physiology problems in women

* Stimulate the formation of mother's milk

* Eliminate allergies body

* Increasing the energy and freshness of the body.

* Prevent Hemorrhoids and constipation

Instructions for use


1-2 ml / day or 1 / 2 sachet morning and 1 / 2 sachet of the evening. Add 100 ml of cold water used (not mixed with honey), stir and drink immediately. It is advisable to consume enough water.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from the reach of children.

Packaging BAE MACA MAX:

200 grams (20 sachets x 10 grams) / box.


Powder drinks.


Not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 12 years and hormone therapy patients.

Herbs, safe and lawful. SI.074225261 BPOM certificate and registered in the USFDA (USA POM).

Positive reaction MACA MAX

For some people after eating maca Max feels no immediate positive reaction / follow-back / healing crisis in the body. This is a good sign, indicating that Max maca products work quickly in your body. Usually the immediate follow-back / positive reaction is that they are suffering from a particular disease for a long time, or the person is potentially suffering from a particular disease. Maca Max will try to tackle it. So for those of you who feel healthy from the outside appearance does not mean you are really in good health, the inside of your body no one knows for certain conditions.

For those of you who do not directly feel the positive reaction of Max maca maca product does not mean Max does not work in your body. Max maca worked on your body in other ways such as raising your vitality, energy ( "Securities Home"), improve body cells that have damaged you so you look younger, increase fertility and others.


• Diabetes / Blood Sugar
• Uric acid
• Rheumatism
• Coronary Heart
• Tubercolosa / TB
• Liver Problems
• High Blood
• Low Blood
• Constipation / Hemorrhoids
• Ostoporosis
• Paralyzed
• Sexual Disorders
• Menstrual Problems
• Kidney Problems
• Allergy Problems
• And the various diseases in order to help the healing

But you do not believe it with this Powerful Information, see the first few user testimonials BAE Maca Max is the following:


Sarekan (45 years old) - Wonogiri
Disease: Diabetes since 2005
Consumption: Maca Max 8 Sachets

Since sick, I've tried several types of treatment. Of treatment have been to five different doctors, until the nerve massage therapy, but not much help the pain I suffered. In June 2007 Maca Max introduced by my colleagues and began to consume a Sachet / day. I had a reaction to the early consumption of a great adaptation, but due to a strong determination to recover, I still continued to consume Maca Max. After several days of consumption of Maca Max swelling in the feet is reduced, a very large wounds caused by diabetes after ingestion of a box Maca Max is now dry and shrink. My blood sugar dropped from 370 mg / dL to 120 mg / dL ..

Tjokro Diwiryo (80 years) - Kalasan
Problems: Stroke since July 2007
Consumption: MACA MAX  4 1 / 2 Sachets

I suffered a stroke since June 2007 and the body becomes paralyzed the right side. In early August by my family, I was advised to consume Maca Max. At first I hesitated but finally was forced to hold by the family on the first day I'm going to try half Sachet. I'm having a reaction of adaptation (anxiety, pain and could not sleep) on the first day. But I am more surprised after taking 4 1 / 2 Sachet legs began to movable and latterly hand, sexual function can also be returned. Currently I have been able to stand and walk again, although without the aid of a cane or other people.

Both (42 years) - Sleman
Disease: Kidney Hospital since 2000
Consumption: MACA MAX 5 Sachets

I've been suffering from kidney disease due to consumption of water containing lime when we still lived in Borneo. I've tried to go to various doctors and medication to last 18 times sines. But have not found a suitable medicine until I feel almost desperate. Since my body is suffering from kidney disease to become thin, activity and rest are also disrupted in June rontok.Awal my hair became familiar with Maca Max through friends and are encouraged to drink. Early evening I was surprised because the consumption of headache. But because so excited, I continued drinking the next day but that feels very sore waist up day and night. But strangely, after the fourth day dramatically reduced pain and kidney pain I have now recovered. Today my body feels more contained, activity and rest became more comfortable and the hair did not fall again.

Puan Asnilawati (32 th) from Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Problem: Difficult to get descent
Consumption: Maca Max Sachets 14

Puan Asnilawati (32 th) from Kota Kinabalu Sabah, is the eldest child who has been married for 10 years and has not dikurniakan children. By kerana all efforts have been made so far, he is not desperate, and finally his mother Puan Normah have been introduced with Macamax. With the advice given, they (husband and wife) had as many as 14 packs Macamax practice. With God's permission, he had conceived and now enter the second month. Mudah2an unborn children who survived birth. He said thousands of thanks to Mr Johan and BAE International Inc Sdn Bhd. He advised that all couples are infertile, have a drink Macamax, they mudah2an dikurniakan zuriat / MIRACLES.

Cik Dwi Winarsih (41 years old) - Solo
Problem: Osteoporosis since 2004
Consumption: MACA MAX 4 Sachets

Three years ago, people said I was affected by bone disease. I was told to go to the doctor but I feel scared, so just go to sines. About a year ago my feet started tingling and pain especially when walking. Illness up to the hands and fingers can not be moved up. July 2007 my husband gave Maca Max and the first day I drank a Sachet, but the agency so chills, fever and headache I can not cook or menyuci, just could not sleep. I'm back drinking Maca Max on the third day and felt dizzy again and even urinate constantly. But the extraordinary thing I felt after consumption Sachet to three because the body feels light, the hands and feet have fingers also be moved even climbing stairs. I've even dared to go a long way from Solo to Yogyakarta after the consumption of 4 Sachet. Maca Thanks Max!

Atik Sunarti (40 years old) - Sleman
Problems: Varicose since 1992
Consumption: Maca Max 4 Sachets

Since 1992 I suffered an agonizing disease varicose veins standing even further five minutes straight leg tingling, while being a housewife with children, my job very much. I also tried an alternative treatment, a doctor and also bought drugs from the pharmacy, the results are briefly recovered but relapsed again. I met by chance in June 2007 Max Maca from friends, and I was very pleased with herbal treatment. I felt a big change even after the consumption of Maca Max for two days. Body feels good, foot tingling that usually do not torture me anymore even I feel now stand wearing high heels. Thank you for Maca Max.

Laksmi Kurniawati (39 years old) - Jakarta
Problems: Blindness since 1977
Consumption: Maca Max 1 box (20 sachets)

30 years ago I was hit by Stevens Jhonson syndrome that causes nerves in my eyes, especially left eye is damaged, a few years later my right eye affected by glaucoma and even since then both my eyes had vision problems total. I had to use eye drops every day to maintain moisture and prevent irritation due to dry my tear gland. I even had medical treatment and underwent surgery in Germany. March 2007 I met a friend who introduced me with Maca Max and I am interested to try. One day after taking Maca Max, the next day was a lot of dirt out of eyes and eyes after two weeks of dirt has begun to soften. Beginning of May I was very surprised because my eyes can already see the color green and then turn in July that the red color also can already be seen. Even my tear glands have started returning to normal now and I do not need to use eye drops anymore. Difficulty sleeping problems and allergic sneezing in the morning also helped overcome even "." Maca Max TOP indeed!

Romli Susanto (47 years) - Yogyakarta
Issues: Hemorrhoid since 1991
Consumption: Maca Max 5 Sachets

I suffer from hemorrhoids since 1991 are very disturbing my work as a consultant. I have tried many products to overcome this disease, but results are not satisfactory. But in early July 2007 I know Maca Max from a friend but just trying it with 5 Sachet. The first day of the third until I experienced remarkable adaptation reaction, headache and body ache until I have repeatedly read the brochure Maca Max. Anehya in day-to four reactions I naturally stopped da hemorrhoids I improved, I am very excited and immediately contacted a friend who introduced me to the Maca Max.

Syarifudin (56 years) - Bogor
Problem: Inflammation of the skin since February 2005
Consumption: Maca Max 7 Sachets

Since February 2007 I became ill very severe conditions, even difficult movable body all over my skin red and inflamed. One doctor said I was poisoning due to eating habits of many types of herbal medicine since 10 years ago. I already went to several doctors but no changes should be referred to hospitals. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta. Incidentally my sister in Bandung and come to know these conditions. Last July he gave me Maca Max and I drank half Sachet / day. After one week I experienced a major change, the more healthy body condition. I have been able to move smoothly even limb inflammation in my whole body skin dry and flat back. Maca Max Because I am not so treated in RCSM. I am very grateful for having a healthy back. "I told Maca Max is great."

Suroto Anwar (51 years) - Yogyakarta
Problem: Foot abscess
Consumption: Maca Max 6 Sachets

I had a foot abscess and korengan and smells since 2000 so that, for one full year I could not wear shoes when working. Since I am a civil servant of course this is disturbing my co-workers. Besides these three months I have another problem that is erectile dysfunction. I met a friend and introduced Maca Max, because I'm including people who have been traumatized so I only bought two Sachet to try it. The first day I drank a second straight Sachet but was surprised because of swollen feet into a flat. Then I bought two more and the results Sachet wound becomes dry scab. I continued consumption of Maca Max and my erectile dysfunction problem is resolved, and "I can no longer ...". Now I can wear shoes again when working, the body also feels more fresh, Maca .... Max was remarkable.

Sugiharto (60 Th) - Sukoharjo, Central Java
Problems: Vertigo / Dizziness
Consumption: 1 sachet

"Two years ago I experienced dizziness / vertigo all day, from morning till night. Every two weeks I went to the doctor to address these complaints, even switching doctors until five times. Last referred to a neurologist in Solo. By a friend of my child, I was introduced MACAMAX at his home in July 2007 and immediately drank a Sachet. Only five minutes later after drinking, the stomach was bloated, while the head is still spinning and I was told to rest. After going home, I sleep. New five minutes sleep I feel bad because dizziness had subsided. The second day I continued drinking my MACAMAX and vertigo disappeared, and I kept drinking until now. It is now three months I did not go to the doctor again because of complaints of vertigo is gone and now I have been able to drive again. MACAMAX been incredible! ".

Why Consuming BAE MACA MAX?

Because human lifestyles tend to become unhealthy, irregular meals and stress of life for adults can cause hormonal imbalances that can lead to various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, declining sex fungsi, reduced immune system, and others. BAE Maca Max is a miracle supplement, proven to help those suffering from various diseases or health disorders. As recommended by the FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) as a health food safe.

MACA MAX has also been selected as the main food of NASA astronauts, mountaineers Unity and Team Peru 8000 World Cup Japan / Korea 2002. BAE Maca Max, have received certificates from the institutions listed in the POM SI.074225261 and USFDA (USA POM).

BAE MACA MAX is a kind of Natural & Amp; safe food additives. Rich in nutritious substances is high:

1. Maca
2. Tribulus terrestris
3. Fiber fruits
4. Spirulina extract
5. Extracts of spinach
6. Celery extract
7. Green tea extract. OPC (grape seed extract)
8. Minerals & vitamins. Has helped many impotence sufferers, diabetes, stroke, paralysis, kidney failure, it is difficult to heredity, cholesterol etc..

BAE MACA MAX is a function. Improving the pituitary gland, which were forwarded to align the body hormones. 2. Prevent prostate problems, and improve sperm activity. 3. Reduce menstrual irregularities, leuchorrhea, dysmenorrhoe. 4. Increase / improve fertility. 5. Preventing menopause and bone loss. 6. Blood circulation, improves brain function. 7. Improve insulin gland, balancing blood sugar levels. 8. Reduce the acid levels in the body, increase energy in the body. 9. Reduce the problem of hemorrhoids and constipation, reduce stress. 10. Improve sleep quality, circulation, cardiovascular and liver function. 11. + + +: Function / benefit "Special" for the passion and vitality of your spouse! ! ! !

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